Banana cake

During fall, there is nothing like reading a good book by the fire while enjoy a coffee and a banana cake. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Or is that just me? Anyway, this week I’ll be sharing my banana cake recipe because it’s the bomb.

Things you’ll need for the banana cake:

  • 140 grams of sugar
  • 140 grams of butter
  • 140 grams of self-rising flour
  • 1 tsp. of baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 ripe bananas

You need to start by beating the softened butter until it’s very creamy. Then add the sugar and keep beating those two together until fully combined and smooth. Then you can add the eggs, one at a time and stir those in until fully mingled. Once that’s done, you can gently fold in the flour and baking powder. Then you can set this mixture aside for a little while.

Now you need to take your bananas and mash them with a fork until they turn into a very thick and liquid mixture. You can add those bananas to your cake batter and mix those two together. Then you need to pour that mixture into a cake tin that has been coated into butter and flour, which will prevent the cake from sticking to the tin when it comes out of the oven. And last but not least, you need to bake the cake for 30 minutes in a 170 degrees’ Celsius oven. If you love bananas, then I promise you that you will not regret making this cake. It’s bananas.

Enjoy baking and until next time,


Salted caramel buttercream

Salted caramel is a favorite of many, and I can’t blame them because it does taste amazing. Especially when you combine salted caramel buttercream with a chocolate cupcake and then drizzle some homemade caramel on top. Or when you use salted caramel buttercream to make Samoa cupcakes. Enough taking about salted caramel buttercream, and let’s just get started on a fresh batch of this delicious buttercream.

What you’ll need to make salted caramel buttercream:

This recipe is literally the easiest thing in the world, since you just mix both components. You could change the amount of caramel that you add, but then you risk messing up the smooth texture of your buttercream. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way because I added way too much caramel the first time and the texture almost made me throw up. Sorry, that was TMI J

Enjoy baking and until next time,




My favorite flavor in this world is probably caramel (actually it’s a tie between caramel and chocolate). On that note, if you haven’t tried the Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks, you’re missing out. One of the things I truly love to make because it’s so incredibly easy and delicious is homemade caramel.

To make caramel you’ll need:

  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 80 grams of water
  • 25 grams of butter
  • 100 - 125 ml of heavy cream

To make caramel, you need to start by heating up the sugar and the water on the stove. When that mixture comes to a boil, you need to wait until it becomes the desired color. If you prefer a slightly bitter caramel, then you need to let it darken more. Once it has the right color, you need to remove that pan from the heat and add the butter. Stir everything and add the heavy cream. Don’t freak out if the mixture suddenly starts boiling again when adding the cream, because this is completely normal. Just keep stirring the mixture, and then everything should be alright. So if all went well, you’re now left with some delicious homemade caramel. However, don’t taste it yet unless you really feel like burning your tongue. Just wait a while, but don’t worry because it’s definitely worth the wait.

Enjoy baking and until next time,


Chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache is very versatile, because you can use it to complete so many different types of pastries. You could use it to cover a cake, as a filling for your pralines or as a delicious sauce for your ice cream. Last week, we made chocolate macarons and I suggested to use chocolate ganache as a filling, so that’s the recipe that I’m showing you this week.

To make chocolate ganache, you’ll need:

  • 80 ml of heavy cream
  • 1 tsp. of sugar
  • 100 grams of dark chocolate
  • 50 grams of milk chocolate
  • 10 grams of butter

In order to make homemade chocolate ganache, you need to start by chopping all the chocolate into little pieces. If you are like me and you cannot resist eating a few pieces of chocolate, then you actually can because this recipe doesn’t require you to be super strict with your measurements. After chopping your chocolate, you can put it into a heat resistant bowl and set it aside for a while.

Then you should take a small saucepan (or any type of pan really) and heat up your heavy cream together with the sugar until this mixture is boiling. Once it has started to boil, you should pour it over the chocolate and mix everything together until fully combined. The butter should be added while the mixture is still hot, because otherwise it won’t melt. When you’ve done all of that, you should be left with a bowl filled with freshly made chocolate ganache.

If everything went well, you should be left with a very liquid ganache. This ganache is very suitable to pour over a cake, but you need to wait until it has cooled down to room temperature because otherwise it might melt or destroy your cake. Unfortunately, this piece of advice comes from experience; I know, it wasn’t my brightest moment. But oh well, that’s how you learn J If you would cover this ganache with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, then it should harden up quite a bit. This would make it suitable as a filling for pralines or macarons. Whatever you do with it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Enjoy baking and until next time,




Chocolate macarons


A few months ago, I posted a recipe to make the classic French Macarons. There is one thing that can make that recipe even better, and that is by adding chocolate to it. Everything gets better with chocolate, doesn’t it? Perhaps, I’m a bit biased because I am Belgian, but I am pretty sure that everyone LOVES chocolate. So if you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll definitely get addicted to these babies; chocolate macarons are the bomb.

Things you’ll need to make these French macarons:

  • 100 grams of almond flour
  • 90 grams of icing sugar
  • 60 grams of egg whites
  • 60 grams of fine granulated sugar
  • 25 grams of cocoa powder
  • Chocolate ganache (to fill them)

Before we begin making our macarons, I’d like to remind you that using precise measurements is extremely important when making French macarons.  Anyway, let’s get started. First of all you need to mix the sugar and the almond flour. Then you need to sift that mixture because you don’t want any visible grains in your batter because those might show in your macarons, which is obviously something you should try to avoid.

Now to make them chocolate flavored, you need to add the sifted cocoa powder to the dry almond-sugar mixture. Start with a little and mix everything together until the whole mixture has a homogenous brown color. If you want the color to be a bit darker, then you can always add a couple of drops of brown food color, but I wouldn’t add more cocoa to this mixture since it’ll dry out the macarons and ruin the balance.

Once that’s done, you can get started on your egg whites. Put them into a big bowl together with the granulated sugar and give the whole thing a short stir with a fork. Then you should mix those egg whites with an electric mixer till they’re completely stiff. The best way to see if they’re completely stiff is by taking your bowl and holding it upside down over your head. Hopefully, they were completely stiff otherwise you probably have to stop reading this to take a shower and wash all of the egg whites out of your hair.

The next step is to add your egg whites to your sugar-almond mixture with a spatula. Give it a few stirs and before you have completely mixed everything, you need to decide if you want to add more food coloring or not. If so, then do it now. If not, keep stirring the mixture until it’s the right consistency to pipe.

So now you need to pipe the mixture on a baking tray that’s lined with parchment paper and you need to try to pipe circles that are roughly about the same size. You could do this by using a template full of circles and using it as a guideline. However, I personally prefer to freehand it. Don’t worry if they aren’t all the same size; it just takes some practice.

Now that you’ve done that, you need to set the tray aside so the macarons can get a little crust before they go into the oven. That will take about 30 minutes and then you should bake them for 15 minutes in a 170 degrees Celsius oven. The trick for making perfect macarons is putting an extra baking tray underneath the one on which you’ve piped your macarons. That way there will be less direct heat on the bottom of your macarons and they’ll bake more evenly.

Once they have been baked, you should let them cool off for a while before you fill them. The ones in my picture have been filled with a hazelnut buttercream. They were absolutely amazing and a huge hit at the party where I served them.

Anyway, enjoy baking! Until next time,